CIBERNED is made up of 55 research groups, belonging to institutions of a diverse nature: university hospitals, universities, Public Research Organizations (OPI), such as the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII) and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), as well as research centers of the autonomous communities.

CIBERNED integrates a large human team of more than 630 people, made up of a large staff of its own researchers and groups members as personnel assigned to CIBERNED. This large team is made up of biomedical, basic and clinical researchers, research technicians and management staff.

CIBERNED, a thematic area of CIBER, belongs to this public consortium, and is therefore governed by a Governing Board and a Permanent Commission (governance and management bodies) in which the consortium institutions participate. . The organizational structure is made up of the Scientific Management headed by Dr. Adolfo López de Munain who, together with the Steering Committee, coordinates the activity of the 3 Scientific Programs in which the CIBERNED groups are distributed. The CIBER Head Office offers the necessary administrative support for the operation of the Institution.